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Detail Cleaning Service for Apartments and Houses

Impeccable Cleaning for a Pristine Living Space

At Star 23 Cleaning Services, we take pride in offering our professional Detail Cleaning service for apartments and houses. Our meticulous team of cleaners goes above and beyond to provide an impeccable cleaning experience, leaving your living space pristine and spotless.

Comprehensive Dusting and Surface Cleaning

Our detail-oriented cleaners flawlessly dust and clean all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, picture frames, and decorative items. We ensure that every surface is free from dust, allergens, and dirt, leaving your home looking fresh and well-maintained.


Hard-to-Reach Areas and Hidden Spots

We pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas and hidden spots that often accumulate dust and grime. Our team thoroughly cleans baseboards, light fixtures, vents, and other challenging areas, ensuring a comprehensive clean that enhances the overall appearance of your home.

Deep Cleaning of Kitchen and Bathrooms

In the kitchen, we deep clean appliances, scrub away grime and stains, and sanitize countertops and sinks. In the bathrooms, we tackle tough stains, sanitize toilets and showers, and ensure all fixtures shine. Our goal is to leave your kitchen and bathrooms looking and feeling fresh and hygienic.


Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning

Our Detail Cleaning service includes floor care and carpet cleaning. We vacuum and mop hard floors to remove dirt and debris, leaving them clean and polished. Additionally, we offer professional carpet cleaning to revitalize and refresh your carpets, eliminating stains and odors.


Thorough Cleaning in Every Corner

Our Detail Cleaning service focuses on every nook and cranny of your home. We pay close attention to detail and use advanced cleaning techniques and tools to ensure a deep and thorough clean that surpasses your expectations.

Experience the exceptional results of our Detail Cleaning service. Contact us now to schedule your appointment or learn more about our comprehensive cleaning solutions.

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